Our durable mortars made of cast iron and acacia wood are a great kitchen help not only for crushing Kampot pepper. Not only will you solve the eternal problem of what kind of pepper to have in the grinder, but you will be able to simply make ingenious fresh pesto with Kampot pepper and herbs. Did you know that crushing in a mortar opens the flavors of pepper and herbs, from which the essential oils flow? It has a great effect on the final taste, which cannot be achieved with a classic mixer.

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heureka recenze

"Absolutely amazing pepper (especially red). And a great approach to customers. They will do everything to make you happy."


"Amazing pepper taste, beautiful packaging and design and a great project that excited me!"


"Fair trade at the highest level. A smart, beautiful and real presentation of Cambodia with love and incredible care. Pepper Field rulezzzz !!!! Thanks thanks for your beautiful, fragrant and beneficial work!"



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