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Every Christmas we tell ourselves that next year we'll do it differently, better, calmer. But then autumn arrives too quickly and it unwittingly leads to the same disaster again - they want too much from us at work, we want to enjoy the last nice days, leading us to postpone shopping for Christmas presents till "later". We at .pepper..field already know these annual procrastination intentions and we thought it would be a good idea to unlearn them. For inspiration, here are our top 3 reasons that convinced even us that shopping early for Christmas is worthwhile.

You will save money

When a person is stressed and in a hurry, they'll buy pretty much anything, hoping to save a few minutes of time. At Christmas time, everything is full of unclear promotions, fake discounts and often you end up buying something you didn't even want.

We at .pepper..field don't like things to go to waste and want gifts that are 100% useful, sustainable, practical in the home, and ones that are both a joy to look at and that are a joy to give. For all of you who want to be done shopping in October and enjoy a worry-free time until Christmas, we've prepared a 10% discount code EARLYXMAS, which will let you shop cheaper all month long on our e-shop. 

You will save a lot of time 

It doesn't seem like it, you think to yourself that you'll have to devote that time to presents at some point anyway, so why now? Why not later? But now let’s be honest. Towards the end of the year, so much work is piling up and deadlines all seem to finish at the same time, tasks and responsibilities are piling up that every hour ends up costing us. Our minds are running all over the place, and we can't and won't come up with a good idea for a nice gift. Now close your eyes and imagine that you've already got your shopping done in October, someone has wrapped the presents for you, and you can simply put them under the tree on December 24th.

You will save the headaches 

We've already hinted at it. Running out of time, running out of ideas, and running out of nerves... Leave it to us. At .pepper..field, we're all about the presents. You choose what you like and we'll take care of the rest. You can also have a free message engraved on your gift box and surprise us with something really nice and personal. You get free shipping from us until October 17, on everything. And our tip? Spend the time you save on your loved ones and look forward to a luxurious pepper gift. ☺

"Extremely unique product with a great drive behind them. Awesome product and customer service. Perfect for a gift to impress your in-laws, boss or clients."

L. Marie

"First time I tasted Kampot pepper on our vacation in Cambodia, it was phenomenal! I am ordering the Kampot pepper from Amazon ever since. Now when I have an option to order from the smallest farmers, I can have great feeling whenever I open the pack as a bonus to the best taste."

Tim Anderson

"Got the pepper, it is very unique. I found it had more flavor and the aroma was wonderful. The pepper came in a small well sealed package. The ground pepper was a little spicier than regular black pepper, but not too spicy. I think it was most likely just fresher and delivered in better condition."

Chad Whitney


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