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🆕    Authentic Italian pasta |⏱ Products without engraving are shipped within the next day

Pepper is an essential part of many world cuisines, not excluding ours. But perhaps even the most experienced domestic cooks would be surprised at how much genuine Kampot pepper can enhance the taste of traditional Czech dishes. However, it is necessary to know how to work with pepper, especially such an exceptional pepper as the one from Kampot.

This alchemy consists of two basic procedures. The first is the form in which the peppercorns are added to the dishes, the second is the timing of the process. In both cases, the process can greatly affect the flavour of the food and the tasting experience of those who are served the peppercorn dish.

Whole or crushed grains?

Any experienced cook knows that while it is better to add most spices whole to slow-cooked sauces, when grilling or frying, it is better to apply coarsely ground spices to meat or vegetables. Exactly the same applies to pepper.

It should be remembered that, due to its complex and strong aroma, together with its strong spiciness, Kampot pepper is better added to sauces in a form that will release the essential oils and flavour slowly. It is therefore a good idea to place the peppercorns whole in a cheesecloth and leave them to warm thoroughly in the sauce for an extended period of time so that they release their treasures gradually through the hard skin.

However, if we want all the flavour and aroma of the pepper to quickly permeate the spicy raw material, it is a good idea to take a grinder in hand and crush the pepper. Here, too, it is necessary to bear in mind that the finer the pepper is crushed, the more intense the flavour will be and its spiciness will come out to the full. On the other hand, larger peppercorns will bring more exotic aromas and flavours to the dish.

Correct timing

Correct timing is another very important factor. As already mentioned, whole grains release their aroma gradually, which means that for intense flavour, it is a good idea to add the whole peppercorns to the food as early as possible.

In the case of crushed grains, it is ideal to add the peppercorns so that they warm up and release their essential oils, but at the same time avoid burning them, where the individual pepper fragments could turn bitter and thus impair the flavour of the dish.

When you add the Kampot pepper on the plate, you will enjoy its aroma the most. So we recommend getting some of our Czech grinders, which are a beautiful decoration for any dining table!

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