🆕   New - Authentic Italian pasta |⏱  Products without engraving are shipped within the next day

🆕    Authentic Italian pasta |⏱ Products without engraving are shipped within the next day

Although the current situation in our country, and similarly nowhere else in the world, is not very conducive to travel, the hard times will pass and we will once again be able to enjoy freedom and travel to all corners of the world. But travel in the post-viral era could be a little different, with a much greater emphasis on sustainability and authenticity.

Why? The coronavirus has shown us the fragility of the foundations on which our society stands and the negatives of globalisation. What a year ago was just a kind of contagion rampant in China is now a problem that limits everyone's life. A society turning on full speed almost from one day to the next has frozen, people have realised how fragile are the mechanisms that make most people live in such prosperity. Moreover, it has become clear how much this slowdown is benefiting our planet. Reduced transport and production have brought more peace and regeneration to ecosystems, air emissions have fallen, and fewer tourists have meant the return of fish and waterfowl to the canals of Venice, Italy.

And these are exactly the coronaviral impacts that will help open our eyes and change our approach to a whole range of things, not least travel. Flying on a weekend holiday just because the ticket is discounted to 300 crowns? A tempting offer, but one that will leave a significant carbon footprint behind and leave the destination virtually unrecognisable within two days.

A far better and more responsible solution is less frequent, but longer, holidays. During these holidays you will have the chance to get to know the place properly, learn about the local culture, sample all the food, enjoy the beautiful natural sights, make new friends and support the local economy.

However, we will never achieve this if we travel to purely tourist destinations and stay in five-star hotels run by multinational developers that are completely removed from the reality of what is happening behind the resort walls.

You will only experience the authenticity of a place when you stay with locals. They will open the door to their community and give you a glimpse of family life, local customs and the places they like to visit. In short, they'll introduce you to much more than just the tourist attractions. And that's exactly what you can experience in our beloved Cambodia.

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