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🆕    Authentic Italian pasta |⏱ Products without engraving are shipped within the next day

Luxury gift case made of recycled cardboard with 3 grinders and Kampot pepper 3x70g in tubes with stand - Stand colour: Dark, Option: Modern

A luxurious half-metre gift box in the latest design, filled with Kampot pepper, represents the best of the new World of .pepper..field 2.0. A complete unique set whose design you won't find anywhere else, enriched with beautiful elements in a combination of raw wood and recycled Czech cardboard. Your unique gift just needs to be opened and you can start using everything right away! Tubes full of a year's supply of 100% fair trade Kampot pepper come ready to use in a gorgeous stand, which you simply remove from the gift box. The new Scandinavian grinders are firmly packed and protected to the max during transit. The material is incredibly durable and will be a faithful helper in the kitchen for a long time. This gift set can be engraved on the lid. read more

Product code: KART-ALL-SET-DM

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Our new design packaging represents the ultimate in luxury, sustainability, precision, the highest possible quality and a design you won't find anywhere else. It brings joy to anyone who cares about being environmentally conscious and responsible, about lightness, versatility and practicality, but doesn't want to deprive themselves of a luxurious experience. Created in exclusive collaboration with the innovative Kartoons company, who expertly transform repurposed cardboard and 100% recycled material into beautiful design pieces. The inner filling of this set can be removed and the recipient is left with a beautiful wooden box for their valuables.

The pack contains all three types of dried Kampot pepper and to go with them our new, precision Scandinavian grinders in all three colours and materials - light oak, dark brown walnut and black ash, all 17cm high. Plus, they have the patented CrushGrind® mechanism and an impressive 25-year warranty. All the components go beautifully together and you'll never have to deal with re-cutting peppercorns again.

Another component is the cardboard tube stand - a kitchen helper that will last an incredibly long time. Few people know that pieces made this way have a similar lifespan as if they were made of solid wood. Your tubes will always stay securely in place wherever you choose to display our stand. Our stand is both design-oriented and extremely practical. Hard cardboard and raw oak wood - a combination that will always display our glass tubes together and won't shy away from even a little bit of water that sticks to its surface, thanks to a special eco-friendly finish.

You will find our glass tubes filled with the finest quality Kampot pepper ready to use. Black, sun-dried and maximum intensity. A red that is the king of exotic and unusual combinations with sweet foods and drinks. And white - slightly creamy and delicate, suited to light meats and creamy sauces. Our pepper meets all the certifications that make it a world-class pepper. What's more, ours is hand-picked and bought in a fair trade and direct trade way - straight from the farmers, without middlemen. By buying our pepper, you are helping specific farmers in the Kampot region to live a good life.

The packaging is designed so that everything fits together perfectly and it takes no work for you to remove the individual components and start using everything immediately. At the same time, it acts as a showroom for all of our gems, for exactly as long as you want. Just slide out the inner part. The packaging made of recycled hardboard is so durable that it guarantees you 100% protection during transfer and needs no extra packaging. This was made for all lovers of minimalism and sustainable design.

Dimensions of the box: L 50 cm x H 27 cm H 7 cm, Dimensions of the stand: D 21 cm H 10,5 cm D 5,5 cm. We recommend adding a large gift bag.

100 % natural

Certified pepper sourced directly from our farmers in Cambodia for fair prices.

Manually checked

In the Czech Republic, we check each peppercorn again and pack it in the highest quality packaging.

We aim to do good

Part of our profits go back to Cambodia as we try to help this country in various ways.

"Extremely unique product with a great drive behind them. Awesome product and customer service. Perfect for a gift to impress your in-laws, boss or clients."

L. Marie

"First time I tasted Kampot pepper on our vacation in Cambodia, it was phenomenal! I am ordering the Kampot pepper from Amazon ever since. Now when I have an option to order from the smallest farmers, I can have great feeling whenever I open the pack as a bonus to the best taste."

Tim Anderson

"Got the pepper, it is very unique. I found it had more flavor and the aroma was wonderful. The pepper came in a small well sealed package. The ground pepper was a little spicier than regular black pepper, but not too spicy. I think it was most likely just fresher and delivered in better condition."

Chad Whitney
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