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Discover all the flavours of real pepper with us! Kampot pepper is the king of every cuisine in the world - let it rule yours. Grown for you by small farming families in Cambodia who are paid 100% fair trade. Each variety has its own distinctive flavour and therefore its own use in the kitchen. Which pepper is best to put in the grinder, which is better just crushed and which tastes best whole?

Learn to know all the varieties to pepper, pair and flavour your dishes to perfection. Surprise yourself and your loved ones every day with new pepper combinations that will quickly win your heart.

Black Kampot pepper

Let yourself be drawn into the world of Kampot pepper. Black pepper is used by households around the world and by chefs everyday - crushed for cooking, frying, final seasoning and wherever intense flavour is needed. Fall in love with its iconic pungency, camphor notes and subtle citrusy quality.

Red Kampot pepper

Need the most fragrant spice? Want to highlight your vegetarian dish? Reach for red pepper. It will surprise you with its intense fruity aroma, acquired from its long stay in the sun. Red pepper is not only the king of cold cuisine, it also goes famously with seafood and fish.

Dark Red Kampot Pepper

The long time in the sun, the careful care and the demanding selection during harvesting have given rise to the dark red pepper. The red colour indicates the intensity of the fruity aroma it hides. This juicy, sweet pepper is a kind of 'selection from the vine' of red pepper.

White Kampot pepper

Looking for a subtle yet peppery flavour? Then genuine white pepper is the right choice. This is the peeled kernel of ripe red pepper - which makes it stand out not so much for its intensity, but for its round, creamy aroma. Its smooth, nutmeg-like flavour is a subtle undertone to any dish.

Lyophilized green Kampot pepper

Thanks to a special freeze-drying process we have managed to preserve all the authentic flavours of a fresh green peppercorn - as if you had just plucked it from a pepper vine in Cambodia. Plus an added touch of genuine salt flower from Kampot. Fantastic with meat!

Fresh green Kampot pepper

These peppercorns are juicy and crunchy, so they don't belong in the grinder. They stand out for their strong and intense flavour. Pair with sauces, add as a final seasoning or eat as a delicacy.

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